How to Slash the State: 14 ways to dismantle a monstrous government, one program at a time - Reason Magazine

Here’s the list:

  1. Overhaul Medicaid
  2. Bring the Troops Home
  3. Erase Federal Education Spending
  4. Slash State Budgets
  5. End Defined-Benefit Pensions
  6. Declare Defeat in the Drug War
  7. Cancel the FCC
  8. Uproot Agriculture Subsidies
  9. Unplug the Department of Energy
  10. Dismantle Davis-Bacon
  11. Repeal the Stimulus
  12. Spend Highway Funds on Highways
  13. Privatize Public Lands
  14. And (or at Least Audit) the Fed
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posted 10 / 8 / 2010
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    Apply the RICO act to public employee unions.
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    yeah lets just tax the rich and call it a day. that sounds like a great idea.
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    I have a marvelous idea.. how about we just tax the rich and call it a day?
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    Pretty sure that vacuum is called SPACE (e.g. the costume I will be on All Hallows’ Eve.)
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    Nice rebuttals by AZSpot, clickthrough to read them all. Libertarians never fail to amaze me with their dreamworld shit....
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    Just because I’m in of those moods, I’m going to quickly tackle this libertarian wish list. I take delight in the irony...
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