"I Hope That's A Halloween Costume"

A man accidentally cuts of his arm with his homemade guillotine, walks himself into the clinic, and a passerby quips “I hope that’s a Halloween costume.”

The comments section is full of brutal puns, as you can imagine. Some of them are in bad taste, but I suppose that as long as he doesn’t read them, then no arm no foul.

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posted 10 / 31 / 2011
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    Oh come on guys, If you keep on making jokes, people are going to be up in arms about it.
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    This isn’t funny guys. No one has lifted a finger to help this poor man.
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    He had a homemade guillotine? He was probably pretty handy.
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    That trip to the ER must have cost him an arm and a leg.
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    I hope someone gave him a hand.
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    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s probably not what that guy needed to hear.
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  34. squashed said: You’ve got to give him a hand on his timing…and because I hear he really needs a hand.
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    I’d give my right arm for a guillotine.
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